Claps nr 16 
Gdański Klub Fantastyki
Year :
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : See Notes
Cover art : Andrzej Pieniążek
Illustrations : Unknown
   Claps 16
Other editions:

"Klątwa złotej czaszki" ("The Curse of the Golden Skull")
Translation by Janusz Kopka
Non-REH Contents
"Projekt brookliński" ("Brooklyn Project") by William Tenn    
Translation by Radosław Kleczyński & Janusz Kopka
"Puszka Pandory" by Radosław Kleczyński 
"Pojazd" by Jerzy Szyłak 

Language: Polish
Each issue of Claps is a Limited Edition of 400 to 500 copies.
Each issue of Claps is limited to 16 pages maximum plus the cover.
There was a total of 40 issues of Claps.
Gdański Klub Fantastyki (GKF) is an association gathering of fantasy enthusiasts, registered on February 26, 1987.
It is an association of autonomous fantasy clubs.
GKF has the largest specialized library in Poland in the field of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.
It has an English language department), publishes (publishing, among others, literary and artistic work of members), gathers game enthusiasts (computer, card, board, strategic, RPG) ), and organizes conventions (with Nordcon at the forefront).