Chants de Guerre et de Mort 
Year :
January 1987 (Deluxe)
April 1988 (Trade)

Book No. :
2-7304-0433-3 (Deluxe)
2-7304-0488-0 (Trade)
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (7 x 9 inches)
Trade paperback with dust jacket and glassine protector (10 x 13 inches)
Pages : 155 (Deluxe)
145 plus 10 pages of ads in back (Trade)
Cover art : Jean-Michel Nicollet (Trade and Deluxe)
Illustrations : Jean-Michel Nicollet (Deluxe only)
Trade Edition
Chants de Guerre et de Mort
Deluxe Edition

Other editions:

Language: French
Arkham Book #2
Robert E. Howard Book #36 of 37
Poems selected by Glenn Lord.
The poem selection is very similar to the selection in ALWAYS COMES EVENING. Not all of the poems in ALWAYS COMES EVENING appear in this book.
Edited by François Truchaud.
Translation by François Truchaud.
There are three color and five black and white interior illustrations in the deluxe edition by Jean-Michel Nicollet. There are no illustrations in the trade edition.
The cover illustration on the trade edition is the same as one of the color plates in the deluxe edition.
The deluxe edition was limited to 500 numbered and signed copies, 450 for sale plus 50 not-for-sale copies. 
Truchaud and Nicollet signed the deluxe edition.
Both editions present Howard's poetry in both English and French.

Introduction by François Truchaud
"Song of a Mad Minstrel"
"The Moor Ghost"
"Dead Man's Hate"
"The Ride of Falume"
"Desert Dawn"
"The Riders of Babylon"
"Shadows on the Road"
"The Harp of Alfred"
"Moon Mockery"
"A Song out of Midian"
"Forbidden Magic"
"The Ghost Kings"
"The Song of the Bats"
"The Poets"
"Easter Island"
"Black Chant Imperial"
"Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die"
"The Gates of Nineveh"
"The Hills of Kandahar"
"Which will Scarcely Be Understood"
"To a Woman"
"Always Comes Evening"
"Hymn of Hatred"
"Prince and Beggar"
"The Tempter"
"A Song of the Don Cossacks"
"Song at Midnight"
"One Who Comes at Eventide"
"The Gods of Easter Island"
"The Heart of the Sea's Desire"
'Sonnets out of Bedlam'
"The Soul Eater"
"The Dream and Shadow"
"The Last Hour"
"Haunting Columns"
"The Singer in the Mist"
'Voices of the Night'
"Voices Waken Memory"
"Moon Shame"
"Laughter in the Gulfs"
"A Crown for a King"