Bran Mak Morn, L'Intégrale
Year :
November 2009
Book No. : ISBN-13: 978-2-35294-342-6
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 496
Cover art : Gary Gianni
Illustrations : Gary Gianni
     Bran Mak Morn, l'intégrale
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Patrice Louinet
"Les Hommes des ténèbres" ("Men of the Shadows")
"Les Rois de la nuit" ("Kings of the Night")
"A Song of the Race" ("A Song of the Race") (English, poem)
"Un chant de la race" ("A Song of the Race") (French, poem)
"Les Vers de la Terre" ("Worms of the Earth")
"L'Homme noir" ("The Dark Man")
"La Race perdue" ("The Lost Race")
"Untitled poem"  ("The Bell of Morni") (English, poem)
"Poème sans titre" ("The Bell of Morni") (French, poem)
"La Nuit du loup" ("The Night of the Wolf")
"Untitled poem"  ("The Drums of Pictdom") (English, poem)
"Poème sans titre" ("The Drums of Pictdom") (French, poem)
"Nots sur les récits du Petit Peuple" ("Notes on The Little People") by Rusty Burke & Patrice Louinet
"Le Petit peuple" ("The Little People")
"Les Enfants de la nuit" ("The Children of the Night")
"Le Peuple des ténèbres" ("People of the Dark")
"Bran Mak Morn" ("Bran Mak Morn: A Play")
"Untitled poem"  ("Rune") (English, poem)
"Poème sans titre" ("Rune") (French, poem)
"Fragment sans titre" ("A grey sky arched . . .")
"Bran Mak Morn" (Synopsis)
"Les Vers de la Terre" (version de travail) ("Worms of the Earth", Draft)
"Texte inachevé" ("Men have had visions ere now. . .")
"Robert E. Howard et les Pictes : chronologie" by Rusty Burke
(excerpts from letters, etc. in chronological order)
Included in this article is an untitled essay by REH:
untitled essay, ca. 1920-1923 (". . . which has characterized . . .")

"Howard, Bran Mak Morn et les Pictes" ("Robert E. Howard, Bran Mak Morn and the Picts") by Patrice Louinet
"Notes sur les textes" ("Notes on the texts") by Patrice Louinet
Edited by Patrice Louinet
Translation by Patrice Louinet
Based on the Del Rey edition of BRAN MAK MORN, THE LAST KING
The French edition did not include the artist forward.
The poems were published in English and French.
Bragelonne Number 291