Гончие смерти (Gonchie smerti)
(Black Hound of Death)

Year : 1999
Book No. : ISBN-10: 5-7906-0050-6
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 448
Cover art : Ken Kelly
Illustrations : S. Shikin, V. Asadullin, K. Rozhkov
"Альмарик" ("Almuric")
Translated by I. Roshal
Black Hound of Death
"Гончие смерти" ("Black Hound of Death")
Translated by M. Nikolaeva
"Эксперимент Джона Старка" ("Usurp the Night")
Translated by M. Nikolaeva
"Не рой мне могилу"("Dig Me No Grave")
Translated by M. Nikolaeva
"Погибель Дэймода"("Dermod's Bane")
Translated by M. Nikolaeva
"Каирн на мысу"("The Cairn on the Headland")
Translated by O. Voeykova
"Последняя песня Казонетто"
("Casonetto's Last Song")
Translated by O. Voeykova
Lord of Samarcand
"Повелитель Самарканда" ("Lord of Samarcand")
Translated by A. Kurich
"Гиена Сенекозы" ("The Hyena")
Translated by D. Starkov
"Змея из ночного кошмара" ("The Dream Snake")
Translated by D. Starkov
"Дитя судьбы" ("II. Destiny's Child")
by L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp, &
Jane Whittington Griffin
Language: Russian
Compiled by Alexander Lidin
Volume 11 of a 15 book series (1997-1999) that is the most complete works of Robert E. Howard published in Russian. A total of 20 volumes were originally planned.

 Гончие смерти (Black Hound of Death)   
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