Algernon, August 1999
Eesti Ulmeühing
Year : August 1999
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Internet webzine
Pages : Not applicable
Cover art : None
Illustrations : Unknown
      Algernon, August 1999
Other editions:

"Olevus katusel"  ("The Thing on the Roof")
Translated by Jüri Kallas
Non-REH Contents
"Tinasõdurid 2"
"Kuldlaevuke. 3. osa"
"Kohtumine Emaga"
"Kindel linn"
"Kas te usute tondijutte?"
"Barbar Cross Plains'ist"

Language: Estonian
Algernon is a webzine for science fiction, fantasy, and horror in Estonia and around the world.
It is published quarterly by
Eesti Ulmeühing (Estonian Science Fiction Association).